Black Horse Veronica Blake



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Black Horse  by  Veronica Blake

Black Horse by Veronica Blake
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This was my first Veronica Blake wont be my last. I enjoyed this book from the very beginning to the end. I loved the sweetness of the h and the Hero from the very beginning.Black Horse is a young Sioux Indian Chief. He comes back to the tribe after being away fighting different battles. Meadow (h) and her friend are spying on him while taking a bath. He realizes the two young girls are watching he lets them see HIM.

They are like ...OH MY! He just chuckles to himself. Later he sees Meadow and is struck by her beauty, even though she is a white girl with blond hair and green eyes. He Hates the White man!!Meadow was brought to the Sioux tribe and adopted by an Indian couple when she was 2 yrs old after a raid killed her family. She knows no other parents but her adoptive ones. She only has her adopted father left who is the tribes medicine man.

He decides to match up Black Horse and Meadow. They agree to be married the very same day she saw him at the river. They have a time of courtship and grow to love one another.They are in the middle of their wedding when the Mounties come in and interupt it. One Mountie sees Meadow and cant believe how beautiful she is and how terrible it is she is forced to marry that savage Indian. He has no idea how much Meadow has grown to love Black Horse.One thing leads to another and the wedding is stopped and it takes until the end of the story to ever get them back together.I loved this story because it wasnt the canned Native American story.

It has twist and turns in it and surprises too.If you want a good Native American story about the Sioux and Sitting Bulls this book.

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